What is your 'game plan"?

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What is your 'game plan"?

How do you time when you dtd? Every day, every other day? Do you temp? Use opks? Ect...

Our plan is do dtd at least every other day from cd 8 to 20. I temped last cycle, but I don't think I'm going to this cycle because it stressed me out. I'm going to take opk starting at cd 10 and I'll be tracking my cm.

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Dtd at least every second day, though if the little monster man (DS) allows with his sleeping everyday (we are desperate to get pregnant) from CD 10 until day after O. I temp and use opks, though I think once my current stash of opks is gone I might skip buying more, though hopefully I won't need more. I have pretty regular cycles, though I can get a few differences in O day but usually it's CD 13-15.

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I am using OPKs only for the fact stress really throws my cycles out of whack and its been a very stressful few months. My cycles right now are anywhere from 29-36 days. I O around CD 19-21 occassionally later due to stress- Which I predict will be the case for the next two months. We dtd every day during around O time. temping is too much for me.