When will you tell your other kids?
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Thread: When will you tell your other kids?

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    Default When will you tell your other kids?

    I am just wondering when you ladies are planning on telling your other kids. We haven't told our girls yet, and I am not really sure when we will. I am so afraid of having to explain a loss if something happens that I want to wait awhile.
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    my DD is only 21 months, so i'm not sure she'll even understand....we've already talked to her about a sibling and that the baby is in mommy's belly.... i'm sure once i am showing more, she'll be able to understand a bit more.....and we'll get a big sister book and stuff.
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    DS just turned two so we have already told him also. Like Julie, we have talked about a baby being in my tummy but we don't think he gets it yet...
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    We've told DS. I thought it would be better to tell him straight up rather than let him figure it out from what were are saying (He's 5 now). He knows that Kamdyn died and so we just have to speak bluntly and say that we have to hope that the baby doesn't die.
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    We haven't told our kids yet. DD is 5 and wants another baby badly. One of her friend's mothers recently miscarried after telling the kids and DD was very distraught about it. She was so worried about it so we don't want to take the chance right now. Although, I've been very sick, throwing up quite a bit, and she was scared she was going to "catch my sick." I told her I was just "going through a phase" where I was going to be sick and throwing up sometimes, but I am ok and she can't catch it. (I'm just waiting for her to mention that in front of someone...then the cat will be out of the bag!) As for DS, who is 2.5, we haven't told him yet either, but I've mentioned it in front of him at least once and he didn't blink an eye.

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    My daughter has been talking about when her brother or sister comes for about a year now. Her thought process was that once her step father and I got married, a baby would follow right after. And by right after, I mean, like the day after! At my bridal shower, she actually commented that she was confused because she thought it "was a shower for the baby". Needless to say, I had to make sure that everyone at the party knew that there was no surprise baby- just that she was really excited! (The most hilarious part was when one of my close girl friends bought me lingerie and my daughter stood up and said "Now that has got to be for the baby, because that is WAAAAY too small to fit you! We all just died laughing)

    We haven't officially told her yet, because I know she won't be able to keep a secret, but I ask her about what she'll do when her new sibling comes all the time. She's so used to it that she doesn't think anything is up! I think we'll tell her right before we announce it to our families. She's going to be so excited. My husband's parents are visiting on Mother's Day, so we'll be able to tell everyone at once. I just can't wait to get past this first appointment next week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mom to Abby View Post
    (The most hilarious part was when one of my close girl friends bought me lingerie and my daughter stood up and said "Now that has got to be for the baby, because that is WAAAAY too small to fit you! We all just died laughing)
    Oh, that is HILARIOUS!!

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    We have not told my kids yet. They wouldnt be able to keep it to themselves after we tell them so I want to wait till right before we tell the rest of my family. Which Im hoping is after the wedding.

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