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Ok, so I have been feeling flutters since like 12/13 weeks. However, I haven't felt anything for the past 2 days. Trying not to worry, but I can't remember if this happened with any of my other pregnancies or not! Has this happened to any of you? I have a dr. Appointment tomorrow finally, and I hope they can find the heartbeat really quickly so I can stop worrying. I haven't been to the dr. Since I was 11 weeks, so I'm excited to go again finally.

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Good luck! I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

KUP Smile

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I felt the baby moving and there are some days when I can't feel movement. I'm a week behind but... still. I started feeling flutters around 11/12 weeks as well. but there are definitely days that I can't feel baby. Hope the appointment goes well though and I'll be looking for an update Smile