Yay for Re-sale shops!

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Yay for Re-sale shops!

I found a sweet little resale shop right by my house yesterday. They definitely have my business! I bought a 2011 graco carseat with the stroller and two bases for $35. It is in PERFECT condition. Also got several little girls clothing items also in new condition for maybe a 1/4 what I'd pay for it new in the store. I figure if I have a girl I'll have to start buying slowly now in order to have what she needs. If its a boy we've got it very much covered. Haha I can always give away the girl stuff to my best friend that's having a girl if I need to. Smile

So excited about my resale shop find and how cheap it is!!

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That's awesome... I won't buy carseats used. Even if they look in great condition. I just heard that if you've been in a wreck at all in a car seat it might make it less safe and I don't know if the owner ever got ain a wreck with it... So i decided no used car seats for me. But the clothes are great. I am going to go to Once Upon a Child... I need to get DS more church clothes.

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I LOVE resale shops! I also love garage sales lol. Around where I live, there are FaceBook garage sale pages (just put in your city followed by "garage sale" in the search area and you might find some around you!) I love great deals.

That's awesome that you have found such great things for a great price. However, I do agree about the car seats. But I, myself have sold a carseat, but it wasn't in an accident. You just have to decide if you trust people's words or not Smile

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I LOVE resale shops and garage sales and the garage sale sites on facebook. Can find a ton of stuff. I buy alot of my kids clothes and some toys and stuff on them. I also buy some of my clothes from them to. Sooo much cheaper. Ive bought a few car seats on them you have to go with your gut. Im getting my youngest daughters car seat back from a friend of mine that has been using it for their daughter. So I dont have to buy that new. I have been buying boy clothes for a lil bit now since Im almost positive Im having a boy. But even if its a girl I will still have the baby wear the clothes.

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I've never heard of Facebook garage sale pages! About to check that out now!

I agree in principle about the car seats but I've got a good gut feeling about this lady and I refuse to pay full price for the system....soooo....here I am...haha I'm a cheapie when it comes to kids stuff because they grow out of it soooo fast!