Are you piercing Baby Girl's ears?

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Are you piercing Baby Girl's ears?

I can't decide on this. On one hand, I love the look of a baby girl with pierced ears. One the other hand, I hate the idea of me choosing to punch holes in her body without her consent. But back to the first hand, if I do it when she's a baby, *I* can take care of them and ensure they are turned properly and don't get infected, etc. But then what if she's upset as a little girl because *she* didn't get to chose?

(For the record, I didn't want my son circ-ed neonatal either. That's how far I am on the "without consent" argument. Yes, he was circ-ed, but I didn't like it.)

Are you piercing your baby girl's ears? Why or why not?

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Okay. So I am not having a girl but here are my two cents

Piercing the girls ears isn't a permanent thing. Of she doesn't like them pierced, she can take them out and let her ears close up. I think it's adorable and helps people know that a baby is a girl. If the girl gets mad that she didn't get to choose well, too bad! You are the adult. I don't let my 5 year old decide if he gets to watch tv or not- I get to say when he does.

I understand the whole circ thing but I got my son circ-Ed and this little boy will be as well. It is a matter of what I am comfortable taking care if and what I feel is best. So yeah

That's JMO

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I will eventually get hers done. Trinity I did hers right before a year. Sydney I did around 2. Had no issues with either one. Its something that if they dont want later they can take out and can grow shut.

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As cute as it is when baby girls' ears are pierced I'm not a going to do my little girl's. My mom only let me have mine done when I was 10 years old. I probably won't force my little girl to wait that long but I do want it to be her choice.

Just a side note: my ear holes have never closed up.

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I don't know what I'm having, but if it's a girl we won't get hers done. We didn't with DD and she's almost six and still doesn't have them done. It's something we'll do when she asks to do it.

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Although I'm having a boy, I had thought about this beforehand and decided if we were having a girl we would NOT pierce her ears until she is old enough to decide she wants them. I got mine pierced around 7-8 years old, but my younger sister never wanted her ears pierced and so it's not a given that every female will want them done. Also, just as a side note, it's not guaranteed that the hole will close back up. I know a few different people who have visible holes in their ears despite not wearing earrings for many many years.

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We are not. I can't explain it much more than we just don't like the look or having to make sure she, her brother, or anyone messes them up.

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nope. i didn't get my ears pierced until i was about 9 or 10....and my sister and i had to earn it. I have sensitive skin and they were constatnly infected, even with my mom helping me take care of them and making sure i was cleaning them, etc. I had to have the "special earings" and to this day i can not wear earings more then a few hours without my ears turning red and itchy and then they usually end up infected. I take them out at night and only wear my good real gold earings. Anyways, i can not imagine having to care for my kids earings when they are tiny - they can get caught on things and pull out, etc. I've had a few friends whose little girls pulled the earings's just not something for me. Do with what you are comfortable with, i don't think you can compare a circ with ear piercing, other then the fact that they have no say. If you feel that strongly about the no say thing, then there's your answer.