$ store tests?

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$ store tests?

I tested last night (a little less than a 3 hr hold because I have to pee all.the.time) using a $ store test. I'm
11dp3dt. It wasn't 'stark white' but there wasn't a definite line either. I'm having similar symptoms to when I was pg in April (resulted in early m/c). How sensitive are the $ store tests? I'll probably test again tomorrow morning using a First Response (or whatever the pink one is). Back then (in April), I got a blazing BFP on a First Response at 13dp3dt and my beta ended up being less than 20. I guess I'm really just looking for a way to explain away my BFN Wink

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I'm not up on the IVF timing...do you know what 11 days past 3 day transfer equates to, as in DPO?

This link shows sensitivity of different brands of tests. The dollar store tests say 25. IME, the dollar store tests will show a barely there line pretty early, like 10 DPO but it'll be one of those "is that really a line" type of lines. So they are good to use for saving money when testing early but you want to use a "good test" for real confirmation if you think you see something on it. It sounds promising though if you saw anything on the dollar store test. I think any result will be fairly light this early.

Can't wait to see tomorrow's result! :goodluck:

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Thanks so much for the link!! I've bookmarked it. I did break down and "Dr. Googled" this morning after I posted. The general consensus is that they tend to be not as sensitive as other tests - mainly the FRER. I don't think I'm out yet.

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Good luck to you! Can't wait to hear about tomorrow's test!

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good luck tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! i'll be stalking!!!!

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Light, light lines on $tree tests have shown up as positive on digis the same day for me. I've got pics posted in the 12dpo comparison sticky if you want to compare! Good luck!

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I'd love to see a pic...

crossing my fingers for you.