10 and 11 DPO

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10 and 11 DPO

Hello! I know there's a line there, but I'm concerned that the darkness of the line didn't change between 10 and 11 dpo. I've had four miscarriages, which is why I'm so concerned. The test line is similar to what I normally would get on 11 dpo, but I just can't get past that it isn't any darker from the day before... would you guys be concerned?

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I don't think you need to worry. They are lovely lines.
I have had 4 chemicals and my lines were never like this and on the 2 non Chemicals at that stage it takes a coue if days to darken up.
For such early positives I personally think they are beautiful!!
Congrats!!! Xxxxx

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The intensity of the line means NOTHING. Trust me on this one! My lines didn't get darker even as my beta increased from 82 to 281. I also had spotting during the first trimester. I was panicky, but everything was fine. If you're concerned because of your history I'm sure your dr. can check your beta and re-check it a few days later to measure your hcg levels. That should put your mind at ease more than darkening lines on pee sticks!

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I would stress so badly about it but I know that's easier said than done. My lines didn't get REALLY dark untill my levels started to really go higher like 12DPO and up.

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Try not to stress about it. At this early of a stage, it usually takes a couple of days to get an obviously darker line. Your lines are plenty dark for a BFP anyway. Congrats!

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Try not to stress! Congrats on ur bfp sending stickyvibes!

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Wait two days and see if it gets darker...in the meantime enjoy the fact that you are PREGNANT!!! Smile Congrats.

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Congrats! I agree with PPs... don't compare the darkness! You're pregnant!!! Biggrin

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Congrats!! I agree with pp. Your hormone levels double every 2-3 days, not every day. So the intensity of the line especially after only one day doesn't really mean much.

Wait a couple of days then pee again. You can always have your betas checked by your doc too.

GL - those are good lookin' lines!!!