10 DPO Squinter

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10 DPO Squinter

Well I didn't think I was with how many Tests I took and them all being Negative. But I just took one again just to be sure when I got home from work last night and after awhile (with in the 10 mins) I finally saw that pretty line. I can see it but it's still too light to fully get it on camera (but you can see it in Negative). AF was Technically due today. But I normally get AF 10DPO so I should have gotten her yesterday (1/07) and still with no signs of her I still had my hopes up. I'm glad I had tons of cheapies. But here are my pretty lines Biggrin

Looks like Cherri22 was right with this one. She said she saw September, she said early September, but this is close enough. Although I did have DD early because of the gestational Diabetes they induced me a week earlier so if that's the case again that would put me right when she said Wink Hopefully she's right on the gender prediction now Biggrin

I am just so excited! Yahoo

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I see it congrats!

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Congratulations!!! Totally see it too Smile

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Omg girl this is so exciting! Congrats!

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Thanks Biggrin I'm so excited and still in shock it finally happened. I kept having this feeling it wasn't. I really didn't believe my eyes when I saw the test at first.