10mIU/ml tests...anyone tried them?

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10mIU/ml tests...anyone tried them?

makeababy.ca has just come out with them. I've bought from them before...they have tons of stuff and luckily for me, it's local, so shipping is quick.

I just noticed their 10mIU/ml test and am thinking about getting some for fun. Smile

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I haven't bought these specifically - but I did test out my last m/c with Dollarama tests and was still getting faint positives when my levels were around 15.....

pico83 (not verified)

I've used the pink wonfo ones from Amazon.com and based on my tests after my m/cs they go down to about 10mIU/mL. I'd say get some and have fun... but know that you might be more likely to get a "falsa" positive (I had a few last cycle, probably a CP but with less sensitive tests I never would have gotten my hopes up).