11 DPO Squinter - UPDATED on first post!

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11 DPO Squinter - UPDATED on first post!

Alright here is 12 DPO. It's a little darker and I feel like you can see it a little better in picture now! Yay! Smile




Okay, so I woke up this morning to take my temp and I had to pee. I am sick of waiting, so I POAS and got this SUPER faint line. I saw the line within a minute, but this picture was taken after I went back to sleep and woke up again.

My main symptom right now is my complete lack of appetite. Ugh. I miss food. Sad Haha.

So do you guys see it?

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I see it I see ittt!!!!!! Wooohooooo !!! No need to even squint!!!!! Congratsss!!!

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Seriously, girl, I can totally see that!!!!!

And the loss of appetite was one of my first symptoms!

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If I squint I *think* I see it! Will you be testing again in the AM?

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Yup!! I want to go to bed right now so tomorrow will happen sooner. Haha.

And yeah, it's really faint and I can't even confidently say that I see it in the picture but it's there IRL.

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Yes ma'am that is an awfully purdy line! (:

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I see it, can't wait to see more tests!! Congrats!!

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I see it! Congratulations! Like you and Christina, I didn't have any appetite until week 6.

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see it!!!

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I can see it! Congrats and I can't wait to see more pics!

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Took me a second but I totally see it now! Can't wait to see more lines!

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I see it, I see it!!!!! Yay!! Congrats!! Get a FRER for the morning!!

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Yep, my BFPs always start that faint, esp on ICs. I agree with everyone....get a FRER!! Hope this one's a sticky one!

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TOTALLY see it! Congrats, girl, your eggo is preggo!

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WooHooo I can definately see todays better! Congrats!!!!!

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Yup it is even darker today!!! My ICs are always really faint until like 15 dpo. If you get a FRER you will see a prettier line Smile

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Oh yes, that one is definitely darker!!! Yay!!!!!

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CONGRATS!!!!!!! I see them both!!!!!!

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Congrats!! xxx

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Saw it!!! Woot!!! Congrats and HH9M!!

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12 dpo is def darker! Yahoo

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Congratulations!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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Beautiful! Congrats! Yahoo

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Woohoo, congrats Yahoo

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Jenna!!!!!! I see it!!!! Yahoo

Congrats girl!!!! This is your month!!!

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Jenna I see it!! You did say Feb was your month girl!! Congrats!!! whohooo:yahoo::yahoo: