3 days late, BFNs? ?

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3 days late, BFNs? ?

Hi ladies

I'm not a new poster and had an account on here eons ago but can't remember the log in info so I had to create a new account :/

I'm sorry, I just don't know where else to post for info..

Last cycle I had one day of light bleeding and one day of no flow but there when I wiped bleeding and that was it. It was also earlier than usual on CD 28 as opposed to 32.

I am now on CD 35 of this cycle. Tested on CD 33 and 34 and BFNS both times which I expected as dh had a vasectomy last summer after we had our 6th miscarriage.

I have tingly cramps and heavy breast that are bulging out of my bra (never have this issue) and no sign of AF. Normally I have a day of spotting 1-2 days before and nothing.

What are your thoughts? I know it's unlikely with the vasectomy and BFNs but what else could be causing this??

Thanks for your help!