5 Days Late - Negative Test (Can I still hope?)

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5 Days Late - Negative Test (Can I still hope?)

Hi all,

I joined the board about a year ago, but my DH and I have been on and off with TTC for the past year. We kicked it back into gear this spring and, low and behold, I'm 5 days late! Hooray, right? Well, I'm not so sure. I took an HPT (several, actually) and they're all BFNs. I'm NEVER late and I am EXHAUSTED, my breasts ache, and I swear I got heartburn for the first time ever over the weekend. I also have had cramps on and off for about six days.

Can I get excited? My doctor's office seems to think I may just be late, as I haven't gotten a positive HPT, but I feel different and I've never been this late before. I've seen on boards also that some people wait weeks before they get a BFP. Also, my BBT is about a degree higher than usual, which it's been for 19 days (but who's counting).

What do you guys think?

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i think it's very possible! in the book Taking Charge of your Fertility (i think it's called) she says that if you have elevated temps for 18 days and counting you are most likely pregnant! do you have a variety of tests or only one kind? I would get an FRER and test with that.... either that or answer, that's like the generic FRER and see if anything comes up on those. KUP!!!

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Do you have any idea when you actually ovulated? You only have a couple of temps on your chart, so I can't really tell from that. Gina is correct that TCOYF says 18 days of elevated temperatures after O generally means you are pg...but you have to know for sure when you O'd, and then start counting from there. Even if you are always regular, it is possible to suddenly have a month where you O'd later. And, if you then implanted late (you have spotting listed for yesterday, so that could have been a late implantation) it may take a few more days to get a positive HPT.

The temp jump you have on there is very promising, as are your symptoms, so I'd say don't give up yet. The ladies around here will always tell you, it ain't over until the witch shows her ugly face!


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Jean you are so smart! you have alot of very good points!

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I would take another test!

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I have read of many woman that do not get positive HPT's and the only way to tell for sure is through blood. It may also be too early to detect. I would test again or see the OB. Good luck!