7dpo and hubby see's two lines what do you see

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7dpo and hubby see's two lines what do you see

So hubby see's two lines I am 7dpo.. I used clearblue Digital ovulation test and got my smile on the 5th. Then it was a circle on the 6th and then on the 7th it was a smile again. I think I ovulated 2 times this month. Today is the 12 almost 13th. Also when you look at this pic. The pic right before it is my positive pregnancy test my daughter who is almost 6 months old. That was when I was 12dpo

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Yup, I see a line there for sure

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Yeah, I see lines in all those tests! Congrats!!!

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I see it! Congrats Smile

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Me too! congrats!!! Oh, and I see this is your first post on pg.org - welcome!!!

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Thanks girls. Yeah I am new here.. I am going to do a first response here in a few hours. I will update after I take one

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Oooo, most of the ladies here love FRERs. Can't wait to see the update!

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I see a line too!

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Yupperzzz thats a line

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Here is a link to my video. I posted a video of the test result from today please go look

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I deff see a line in the video... Have you taken a digi yet? If you do, make sure you keep us updated and post it here!

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I see lines, amazing how you can get it that early!

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Congrats & welcome to pg.org!!!

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Sorry it took me so long to update you girls. I found out that this was not MY BFP. But I am still trying to have another baby. I should be ovulating here in a few days so we will see where this cycle goes