8 DPO and a positive OPK?

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8 DPO and a positive OPK?

I took an FRER this am and BFN, but I have been feeling so blah and tired and crampy that I needed to pee on something LOL so for fun I took an OPK and was surprised to find it a definite positive!! Any thoughts on why this would be would be appreciated!

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Have you tried a HPT? I'm really not sure but I have heard that OPKs can come up positive when you are pregnant or just before AF...

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If the second line is as dark or darker than the control line, I would try another hpt. OPKs will be positive about the same time that hpts are positive (check out peeonastick.com). If the second line is lighter than the control line, it doesn't mean anything.

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This baby was a surprise and I didn't have any hpts in the house when I started feeling off. I had a slew of OPKs from when we ttc our last baby so I peed on that right away. Blazing positive stole dye from the control line. Then I sent my mom for some FRERs and they were quite positive as well. Have no idea how many dpo I was as we weren't ttc. But around 4w-4.5w.