8DPO squinter (9DPO update)

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8DPO squinter (9DPO update)

I probably shouldn't even post this here yet...but I'm just so interested in feedback. Lol. I took these this morning 8DPO with FMU. There is absolutely a line in person and it came up in the 5 min time frame. I couldn't see it too well until after it dried but I knew there was something there. It's been hard to get a decent pic but I'll post what I have and just see what you all think. I'll definitely be testing again in the morning to see if it darkens! Smile

Okay so this is 9DPO. I can see the ICs that I have so I'm not going to post them right now...they look pretty much exactly like the 8DPO ones above. I took a FRER with FMU hoping for something obvious...I wouldn't say I got obvious but I got something. I thought I saw a line but I just wasn't sure...took the test apart and still wasn't sure...kinda gave up and decided to let it dry. Came back later and there's a line that looks pink. I'd love opinions since I don't know what to think...shows up inverted. So what do you think? Early BFP, indent, or evap?

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good luck!!!

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I totally see it Leah! fx for tomorrow Biggrin

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I think I see something. :goodluck:

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I think I see something on the inverted one, can't wait until you test again!

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Eeeek its testing time already!! Woo hoo!! Some ways I turn my screen I think I see something and other ways I cant! Def test again tom and post more pics for us!!

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Woo hoo! I definitely see a line in both tests...girl I think your pregnant! I can't wait to see updated pics but I am pretty positive you are gonna have good news!! Biggrin

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I see it too! Yay! Can't wait to see tomorrows test!

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You ladies have super eyes! Smile I'm trying so hard to see it but I can't see a thing. I have pretty bad eyesight though! Wink

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I think I see something in the first and third pictures on the 9dpo test. It's hard to tell what at this point. I'm getting excited for you in any case. Biggrin

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Leah I think i see it on the FRER! Can you take a pic of the other side of it (the non shiny side) cuz that side is easier to see without the glare Smile yay it looks like an early BFP to me!!!!!