99 cents store hpt

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99 cents store hpt

ok do u ladies see a line i looked at it after 30 mins and i don't know if its real or not i might just keep buying more tests to see if it comes out darker.

jazmine yuliza(4)

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I think I see something, but if it took 30 minutes to show up, I'd buy a new test

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the grey "indent" that I see at the bottom says evap to me... and yes, after 30 minutes all results are completely and totally invalid and should not be considered.


I hope the next test is more clear!

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I don't think I can see any line. Take another test in the morning and hopefully that one will be darker.

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I would take another test!

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I agree, you should take another test.

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I see *something* but after 30 min its definitely not trustworthy. Test again for sure.