9dpo/ 10dpo in the morning

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9dpo/ 10dpo in the morning

Hello ladies, I am new to posting. We have been TTC for 3 cycles.. and this month has been different to say the least.
So I will begin with my symptoms: (OVULATED OCT 29TH)

5dpo- Mild twinges in lower abdomen area.

6dpo- cramping, cm, basal body temp 98.4, very sleepy, more camping in the evening. Heachache, runny nose (cold maybe) Mild back aches.

7dpo- Cramping, woke up with sore boobs. Temp in the morning 87.2 Tummy looks a little bloated. Sticky creamy CM. Blue veins on bb. 98.7 vaginal temp.

8dpo-Sore Bb, took a test first thing in the morning BFN!:( Vaginal temp this morning was 98.5. Creamy CM. Crampy.

9dpo- Woke up Nauseous. BFN first thing in the morning. Cramping, sleepy, Vaginal temp 98.9.

I guess i am just looking for some support.. Feeling a little discouraged, and down in the dumps. Been dreaming about BFP and me looking down and smiling. Has any one had symptoms like these and then gotten a BFP?!

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Anything is possible! 9dpo is very early to get a + test. Hang in there. :bigarmhug:

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Agree with Bonita - 9 dpo is way too early to count yourself out.

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I forgot to mention, thirsty, and mild pulling sensation around belly button. I have been usuing doller tree tests, does any one know if these are accurate/ good tests?

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The dollar tree tests surprised me. I tested the same day I had blood work and got a faint line when my hcg level was 12. I think they're pretty good!

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I got my first BFP on a dollar tree test. It is still too early to count yourself out. Keep on going!