After 5 months.....

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After 5 months.....

I just got this!!!! I just started visiting my doctor the past couple weeks, and she was actually trying to refer me to a fertility specialist. I was supposed to start my cycle yesterday, and have been having extreme lower back pain as well as extremely tender breasts. I didn't want to take the test yet, but I decided I might as well. I really was not expecting this! I know it is early, but we are so very excited!!

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Even for blue dye, those are nice lines! Congrats! H&H9M!

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YAHOOOO!!!! Congratulations!

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That's a really nice blue line!! Congrats!:yahoo:

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Whoa! That is some line!!

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That's one of the few blue line tests that I've seen that are pretty certain - congrats!

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thanks ladies! i am so excited and have no idea when to start telling everyone!

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Congrats. You are actually lucky, 5 months isn't that long.

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Woot!!!! Congrats and a HH9M to you!!!!