Almost positive OPK?

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Almost positive OPK?

Is this almost positive? Or atleast looking like it will be soon?
This is our 16th cycle, and actually the first time I'm using OPKs!

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I would say it is looking pretty close.

Are you testing once a day or more often? I used to use them in the morning (around 10am) and then again in the afternoon (around 4pm). If I had one like that I would take another a few hours later - just to see if this was test was on it;s way to +ve, or on it's way past, kwim?

Good luck!

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I took another yesterday a few hours later and then one this morning and this afternoon (the last 3) this is what I'm getting!

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the pic is really small, but looks positive to me.

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Yes!! That is positive!! Get get it!!(:babydustblue:-: Good Luck!!!