am I crazy?

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am I crazy?

What do you see? (granted this test pic is taken way after I took the test...we were in a hurry to get out of the door this morning)

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I see something!! Woohoo!!

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I see something too! The only thing is, it looks a little off center. I don't know, that may be normal with these tests.

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Definitely! Keep testing! And come back with updates! Smile

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I see a line. It is definitely darker on one side but so is the control line. Can't wait to see an update!!

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I waited a few hours this afternoon to pee and tried again using another target test. and NOTHING. So I will try an EPT in the morning. I would assume that if that one came up with something this morning than any test tomorrow would too? I hope it wasnt just a flukey test!

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Ugh. I hate blue dye. I hope you get that BFP with your next testing attempt! :goodluck:

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I see something, but it is after the time limit and blue dye tests are notorious for evaps. I would definitely test again though with a pink dye test.

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it was def a false. AF arrived and is in full force. onto cycle 3