Am I pregnant?? I'm confused??

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Am I pregnant?? I'm confused??

Hi everyone I took a test last Sunday and it was positive it came up straight away, I went the doctors on Monday and he took a test an at first he said it's negative then he was like oh there's a faint line, come back in a week to do anthour test but he prescribed me folic acid tablets, I went home and took 2 clear blue tests and the said I was pregnant 2-3 which would be that I'm 4-5 weeks preg but I'm worried I'm gonna go doctors again and the test will come up faint again, I'm so happy I'm pregnant but just worried that all the tests are wrong x x

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Chances are the test your doctor used is not as sensitive as the ones you are using. This is quite common. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

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Doctors tests are pretty cheap (though you wouldn't know it from the price) especially if it wasn't first morning urine. If your tests at home are still coming up positive, the next test at the doctors should come out fine, if it is still not coming out you should ask for a blood test which is a lot more accurate.