Another True Confession

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Another True Confession

Raise your hand if you've ever tested WHILE ON YOUR PERIOD.

*raises hand*

I had symptoms!!!! LOL!!!!!

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LOL! Of course! Cause hell, it could have been implantation bleeding, right??

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haha I honestly did this with cycle 1 ttc after we untied my tubes. My first period was wonky and I just had to test. i became a POAS addict...I told myself I would wait until at least 12 dpo with the cycle 2...I started testing at 7dpo Sad Didn't get my bfp until 11dpo

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Didn't test but twice I have had af start on high temps and really did wonder, Once it took 4 days to go down to normal pre o temp

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yes. I had the same high temp for days into AF while BFing DS1 and not using protection.

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Ha! I've done this.

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Guilty as charged, But having said that With DS I got a BFP at 13DPO and started bleeding at 15DPO. (stopped about 24 hours later, but was like my period was just starting.) So I know it is possible to bleed and still have a BFP.

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Yup! I do this every cycle because I had a period like bleed with one of my pregnancies, so now I don't completely trust AF!!!