can these be evap lines? New pic

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can these be evap lines? New pic

I know there are definitely lines in these two FRER taken the same day. I wasn't aware of when I ovulated but I remember around the time with my husband. Friday I had a negative on this test - well... technically an extremely LIGHT line which could easily be an evap line like in previous times. Like, it could pass for one for sure. I don't normally buy tests as I have a just turned one year old.

So, is there any way possible that these could just be evap lines? Unfortunately they came up before the control line did and stayed and are pretty pink. I just randomly took them and the second one I took after about an hour. I was kind of freaking out so I just tried it again thinking maybe the first was a fluke test.

According to a time with my husband I would be right around period time.


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there is no way those are evaps! You are pregnant! Congratulations! It sounds like you are having a hard time wraping your head around the idea but I think once you have time for it to sink in you will be super excited! It will be nice having your kids close in age... they can have so much fun together!

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I'm guessing this isn't the news you were looking for, but I would say your one year old is about to be an older brother or sister. Definitely not evaps, especially if you had a light line on Friday. Those are beautiful positives. It sounds like you are a little shocked by it, but I hope this becomes happy and welcome news for you and your DH. Congratulations!

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thank you so much for replying. I'm trying to wrap my head around it. This will be #5. I love all of my children dearly and they are all very close in age. My oldest is 6. So, in March I guess I'll have 5 kids 7 and under. I've had an extremely unpredictable history of cycles since the baby. I was nursing so I didn't want to take bcp or other hormones. I had no idea I was in my fertile time. It totally came very early and no signs of it. Usually I have some idea if I pay attention. I was so busy with packing the house and moving that I just paid no attention.

Are you all sure?? Can it possibly be that I'm ovulating and it's picking ovulation up?? Probably such a dumb question.

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I'm afraid it isn't ovulation. The OPKs can pick up on the pregnancy hormone, but the HPTs don't pick up on the ovulation hormones. I'm sure that those are positives, but if you really want confirmation I would call your Dr and ask for a test from that office. You can definitely get pg while BFing, and the swings in your cycle can make it hard to know when to avoid.

I can totally understand feeling a little overwhelmed with having 5 young children. But, I'll bet that you have a great system going with the 4 your have, and you'll be able to expand it to add the newest one without too much trouble. The ladies around here will give you tons of support and ideas.....the large families board is quite active, and those ladies can give you some really great help and strategies! You'll be ok! :bigarmhug:

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thank you Jean! I ordered some more tests of a different brand and they'll come tomorrow. I am pretty sure though this is the case just like you're saying. It would be really nice for my little girl to have a I'm hoping for pink and if I get blue I'll be just as happy. I love my little boys dearly too.

I went to the large families board hoping someone can help me too. This is what I love about these boards.. = )

thank you so much again.

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Yeah those arent evaps and HPTs cant pick up LH only HCG. Sorry that this was sprung on you so suddenly though and I know how hard that can be. We have 6 and every one of them is a blessing and special to me in their own way. Thats not to say some of the time Im not ready to tear my hair out! We've had several surprises and sometimes it just takes time to sink in. Best of luck!

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Those looks like positive tests to me! Congrats!

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You are def preggo! Congrats!!

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Thank you everyone. And you are all right. I am just a little surprised that is all. I am sure before too long it will smothen out.


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congrats..nice looking lines....

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Congrats!!! I am super excited for you and your whole family!! Babies are a blessing.