Can you see it??

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Can you see it??

I am either 10 or 12 DPO?? I got this today the top one is my BFN from yesterday bottom is from this morning......

And the invert

It was much brighter and prettier at first........

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Yep! I see it!! Yahoo Another one for the May 2012 board! :wootjump:

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Yay - you did post it here!!!

Yes, I totally see it!!! May 2012 - May is a good month, my last was a May 2010 baby - maybe they'll share a birthday???

Soooooooooo happy for you Carissa!!!!!!!

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The pic is a bit blurry but I see pink on the bottom test!! Smile Congrats!!!

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Oh, BTW - I still think you O'd late which is why you've such a row with your tests. Make sure to keep peeing so we can see progression pics too (I am such a POAS pusher!!!)

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Overjoyed...really really overjoyed!!!
Your tummy is going to get some loving next month!! a platonic way before you think I'm being a perv!! LOL

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I totally see it!! Congrats Carissa, so happy for you!!!! Sending tons of sticky vibes your way Yahoo

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I see it! Yahoo

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I see it as well! Can't wait to see what the next few days show us!

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Yahoo I knew you weren't out yet! Congrats!

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congrats again!!!

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I see it!!!! Congrats Smile I'm sure an FRER would look sooooo pretty...just sayin' Smile

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:thewave: Congratulations! Welcome to May! Wink

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I can totally see it!! Congratulations!!!:woohoo:

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I totally see it on the invert!!! OMG! Congrats girl!!! Yahoo

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Yep, I see it! Congrats!

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I see it Carissa!!!!! I am soooooo happy for you!!!