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Thread: Coming Soon - POAS Party Fridays!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clarkton View Post
    BFN this morning:

    But that's ok...I do believe it's still a little early.

    Liz, sorry about the BFN hun.

    Mel, those are some beautiful lines!

    Sarah, I think I can see something in your pic. I think we need an invert to see if there is any color to it.

    Dude, call me crazy but i see the faintest shadow here! And that's exactly what i saw before getting this one two days later:

    Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
    Chrisie <3

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    Sorry for bfns.
    Yay on that gorgeous line!!
    Roll on another couple of days xxxxx
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    Chrisie, it does look like something is there in the pic but I know it was nothing IRL and I'm only 5 DPO...there was a little confusion for about a week because it looked like I had a temp rise but was still having fertile signs from CM/CP. But then I had a second temp rise that correlated with CM/CP so in hindsight I do think I really am only 5 DPO but figured it couldn't hurt to test just in case. Anyway, I took that pic on my iphone and I think it adds color that isn't really there. :/ When I have a true questionable test, hopefully soon, I'll have to use a good camera.

    You have a nice BFP there. Congratulations again!
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    Woohooo for the POAS Party!

    Tink and Crushedblue - congrats on your gorgeous lines and HH9M!!!! Please feel free to add them to the comparison threads, and can I add you to the DYSAL hall of fame?

    Liz and Lynn - It's early still! (Super early for you Lynn!) and it ain't over til the witch shows her face. Good luck! Liz, will be stalking you this weekend!
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    Liz and Lynn - Sorry about the BFN's. Boo!!

    Tink and Crushedblue - Pretty lines!!!
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