Confused and Frustrated

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Confused and Frustrated

I'm new to this whole bulletin board thing, I'll start with a little background.
I have an 8 y/o girl from a previous marriage. My new Hubby and I have been ttc for 11 months now, and i'm currently on day 37 of a normal 31 day cycle. 3 hpt's and still not a positive result. I've been experiencing some early pregnancy symptoms but nothing like the last time. Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

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Welcome! Do you know when you ovulated (do you keep track of your basal body temp? cm? use opks?)? You may have just ovulated later this cycle.

You might get more responses on one of the TTC boards. I think you probably haven't had responses yet because people tend to come to this thread looking for pictures of opks and hpts.

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First - Welcome to!!!

Beth's right about the TTC board. There are some fabulous and supportive women there that might be able to help you.

Have you consulted your OB/GYN? It sounds like after 11 months of TTC you might want to give you doc a call and talk through some things.

GL - I hope you get that BFP soon!!!