Couldn't sleep...

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Couldn't sleep...

there is colour in the first picture, shows better on the cropped image but for some reason photobucket does not want to show the cropped version.

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I am so jigging excited!!!!
Can't wait to get you results!!

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I definitely see a line! Hope it is true Smile

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AHHH, I see it on the invert for sure!!!!! Go buy a FRER girl like NOW!!!!!

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yay i see it! yes get you an FRER so you can see the line darker!

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I am praying and praying like never before for this to be a healthy, sticky bean for you!

:goodluck: :goodluck: :goodluck:

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I see it also!! Smile :) Smile :) Woot!

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I see it! I see it!!

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I also see it!!! Can't wait until you test again!!!!

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It's definitely there and pink! Congratulations! Biggrin

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Yay! I'm so happy for you!!

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Yahoo Yay! Congrats & HH9ms to you!

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Woohoo! Congrats!!!

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I see it! Congrats!!!! Sticky Bean vibes

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I see it myself...congrats!!!