Either 15DPO or 11DPO.... **update**

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Either 15DPO or 11DPO.... **update**

Fertility Friend puts me at 15DPO and TCOYF.com puts me at 11DPO:

Line is much easier to see IRL and looks pink! Since I didn't hold my pee at all for this one, I took another later the same day (3Hr hold) and it was *slightly* darker I think and another this morning, again maybe a tiny bit darker (Or I'm imagining it lol)

If I'm 11DPO I've got a few days left to hold my breath and wait anxiously:-(

15DPO by TCOYF - getting darker!:

this was 2 hr hold at supper time!

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I see it! It is so hard to get a picture of them early. I can see that one though. I think it looks positive!

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Fingers crossed!!!

You have a new picture?

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This is today's test (tested at 4:30 am because I had to pee anyway)

Adjusted the contrast:

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I see a line in both Smile yay !

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Did you do a due date calculation?

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Crystal, you are one knocked up mama!! ~*~sticky babydust~*~ by the gallon!!

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I see it!! Congrats!

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Woo Hoo Crystal, I see it!!

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I definitely see something! Hopefully it continues to get nice and dark over the next few days. Biggrin

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I see it!! Congrats!!

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Came over here to see your progression pics. Lookin' good! I love how dark the latest one is! :D:D:D

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"FLSunshineMom" wrote:

Came over here to see your progression pics. Lookin' good! I love how dark the latest one is! :D:D:D

Me too! It's awesome Biggrin I am sooooooo excited for you and love your new ticker!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

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Wanted to see your beautiful lines! I am so happy for you, Crystal!

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Thanks Beth!
I'm sad to see you are on CD1, I was getting excited when I saw how long your LP was this time.

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Gorgeous lines Crystal!! Congratulations!! Smile :) Smile

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I see it in all, congrats!

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I see it! Congrats!

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