evap or not ?

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evap or not ?

hi ladies i would like 2 know how reliable are the walmart equate pink dye hpt the test i took is a +/- are they famous for evap line ? the reason why i ask this is im 12dpo and i got a faint + within the time frame but i question it because it's so light i have never used this brand b 4 any info would be a great help.

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Post a picture! Anything with pink to it within time frame is probably real though. Congrats!

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dont knw how to post a pic i wish i knew how on my way 2 walmart right now 2 pick up another test i will definitly kup thanks Smile

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definitely post a pic!!! you have to upload it to photobucket (or any one of those photo sites), then copy and paste the link.

i am excited for you...a faint line is usually a good sign!!!

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I agree, a line is a line Smile It's funny because once you get a faint line, you take more tests just to watch them get darker and darker....oh how we LOVE progression around here Smile And staring at lines...lines...lines,lol!

Go to photobucket and make a free account with them. Upload pics from your computer from the photobucket site. Once you upload the picture(s), move your mouse over the picture that you want to share, and you will see a little box come up below that picture. Move your mouse to "img" and right click in that little box. It will "copy" your image code for you. Come back here and right click in your post box, click "paste". Your picture should show up as text and then once you submit your post it will load the picture for everyone to see.

I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions, just ask Smile

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I actually used the same test and have used it in the past and found it very accurate. Congrats! Any line is a good line.

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Yep, can't tell without a pic. :/

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Agreed on the pic thing. I think we're POAS addicts.

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I just got a BFP on an Equate two days ago....I say it is not an evap if it showed in the time limit. And, we need a pic.

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Pic please!!

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Ive used those in the past to with out any problems, they were accurate.

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Hmmm, no pic and no update, bummer.

But - if the line is there, even faint, it is a line - congrats!!

I hope we'll see an update???

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sorry ladies that it's been a little while been taken care of sick little ones it's the first time i have come up 4 air the line i got was an evap line i took 2 more test & they were negetive and af is here in full force i thank all of you so much for the info and the kind words of encouragement gl & baby dust 2 all.