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Fertility test pic...

So I took this first response fertility test today at cd 3. I am pretty sure it is a good result right indicating a good ovarian reserve?? The first line is the test line and it should be lighter than the control line. I wish it were way lighter but it's not. Is that bad? I've never taken one before or had my fsh checked. I had my prog ran last cycle at 7 dpo and it was 10.9 which was good but that doesn't mean that I have a good reserve. My MW isn't concerned about my ovarian reserve since I have 6 kids my youngest being 17 mos plus I had a loss 5 mos ago and I got pg w him while on the pill. She says that she's sure my reserve is fine bc of this. Btw I'm 35. So do you think I should insist she test my fsh based on this test?

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I literally know nothing about fertility tests, but if the test line is supposed to be lighter than the control line, that one definitely is. I hope that some others that know more about the tests are able to help you, and I hope you get the answers you are looking for. Good luck!

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Thats kinda how mine looked too! I think it is fine since it is lighter!