A few pics from a struggling poas addict...lol

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A few pics from a struggling poas addict...lol

Taken yesterday which was cycle day 29, and 11 dpo. I actually took 4 others at 10 dpo that showed super faint shadow like lines on the wondfo brand. This was my 2nd trip to the potty..


Then with 3rd trip to potty 2.5 hrs later


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Woo hoo! Congrats!!!

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I was all ready to tell you that it looked like a BFP on the FRER and then you did a digital. Congrats!!!

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Congratulations!!! :party:

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Congrats! Smile

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I think your pregnant!! Congrats!! HH9M!

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Your eggo is definitely preggo! Congrats!

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Your struggle is over. Biggrin


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Many congrats and a very HH9ms to you!