First post, need thoughts!

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First post, need thoughts!

Hey ladies! I'm Kristen and just wanted to introduce myself first Smile this would be our fourth baby.

I am between 9-11 dpo and have been using internet cheapies (and yes I'm sure it's too early lol) I took this test this afternoon and thought I saw a faint faint line. I then took one of the new digis that say 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks ect. And it was negative. Do you all think this really is a second line or if it's just the dye? It looks like the dye runs, all of them have looked like that but only this one looks like there really might be a line. If so, are these usually more sensitive than the digis? Should I test tomorrow with fmu or wait?

Ps it's sitting on a very dirty window sill because the light was diminishing fast. Yikes. I cleaned it after I noticed how dirty it looked lol.
I darkened it, but here is the original

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Hi Kristen! Welcome to! It is such an exciting time with the anticipation of seeing that + result! I know we have some ladies here that are terrific at spying even the weakest lines. I'm not sure if I am seeing it or simply wanting to for you! I hope you get the answer you want and will enjoy watching your pregnancy progress!

To get a more accurate answer I would likely wait a couple of days. Please stick around and weigh in on other posts throughout the site. We can keep you entertained while you play the wait game!

All the best,


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I def see a second line! Especially when darkened but even when not. I'm not sure its a strong bfp yet but I hope it gets thst way soon!

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I see it week in both pics (on my tablet).

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I call that a pretty pink second line.Test tomorrow but I don't think that's just the dye, that line looks pretty solid! Fx(-:

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I see it! Any luck today?