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FRER question

Would a FRER show up positive at 12 DPO? Wondering if I should test tomorrow morning and if so, if a negative is really negative, so I can have a few drinks tomorrow night with my sister.

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I would think at 12dpo there is a strong possibility of seeing a line if you are pg. It is never "over" until AF shows but it is a good indicator. I have always seen + on FRER at 10dpo or less for me.

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Most hpt's could show up + at 12dpo. However, even if it's a negative it can potentially be a false negative because it's considered testing early. A friend of mine tested a couple days early and got a negative, retested a few days later and got a bfp! Hope this helps. All the best! Smile

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There's a site (might be on fertility friend?) that has statistics showing bfp % by dpo. I remember that about 60% of pregnant women will have a positive by 11 dpo (when I had my first bfp). There are still quite a few false negatives until 14dpo (and a couple of stragglers AFTER 14dpo).

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Odds are good that you will get a BFP at 12 dpo, especially with an FRER...but, don't count yourself out if you don't. I had always gotten them by that point, but with my last pg I didn't get a bfp on an frer until AF was due.

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Just putting my two cents in, I've heard people having issues with frer recently. I would maybe get another brand and test with both. Good luck!!!

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My two cents:

1) If it shows a negative at 12 dpo, I say drink.

2) B\c even if you do end up getting pregnant, if it's not showing yet, you're still in the phase where you can still count the number of cells of the blastocyst\zygote! I think you'll be OK with a couple of drinks...

People will disagree with me, but I think you'll be OK if you don't plan on blacking out.

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I'm a little late to the party, but throwing in my 2 cents...My most recent FRER experiences have not been convincing. With this BFP I got lines on ICs at 12DPO, and FRER digi gave me a + that day as well. However, the FRER line test did not start really giving me convincing lines until about 14-15 DPO. If you really want to be sure, I would try 2 different tests...if they are both neg, odds are you can go out and enjoy your drinks guilt-free.

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Thanks all. I took the test this morning and it was a BFP! Hoping this baby sticks.

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Congrats!!! Smile

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Congratulations!! Smile