FRERs giving dark evaps and possibly false pos (XP)

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FRERs giving dark evaps and possibly false pos (XP)

As seen in my post below, I got a visible line at 10DPO that looked pinkish, and was read within the 10 min time limit.

Yesterday when I retested and got a ghostly gray line, I did some googling.

There have been lots of reports of dark gray and even pinkish evaps on the new "6 days sooner" FRERs. Some women say they see a light gray line even before they pee on the stick! I am not sure if this applies to the "5 days sooner" tests, if those are still even around.

So, the typical wisdom of "If you see a line on a FRER you're pregnant, because FRERs don't give evaps" isn't true anymore. Just wanted to save someone the confusion (and disappointment) I had.

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How disappointing! I was convinced that was a true positive! I am so sorry.

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Huh, just when you thought you could trust something!!!

So sorry, I hope next month is your month!!! GL and KUP!!!

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I'm so sorry! Sad I had some trouble with FRER as well.

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So So sorry Andi. Sad

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I tested with an FRER the day AF was due and it was a negative. I went out and drank later that night (It was my birthday, and DH and I were on vacation alone!) 4 days later, on a Walmart cheepie, I got a very clear BFP. So yeah, I am not a fan of FRERs either!

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I got an evap on a FRER about 4 months ago too. I took it apart because I was so annoyed and it looked like there's an indent on the back of the tests where the dye would catch that leaves the evap. Sad

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Sorry it didn't work out this month!

I'll let you know about my experience....I had a very light FRER at 12 DPO that was very accurate. Accurate enough to detect 7.1 HCG. And everyone on DYSAL agreed that it was positive. I tested every day for a few days after that and it was still visible, but getting lighter. The last day I tested, I had a very very very light line that looked a bit grey. That was the day my HCG came back as negative. Since I have to be monitored early on, I have the benefit of having HCG tests to compare it to.

I saw the test you posted and there was definitely a line. I would be inclined to say you may have had a chemical pregnancy.

There is such a huge rate of chemical pregnancies that people would never know about if not for these early tests that detect such low levels.

I wish you better luck this month, at any rate!