Fun with Lines (loss ment) update: how low do they go?

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Fun with Lines (loss ment) update: how low do they go?

When staring at lines in early pregnancy I always find myself looking for tests which also share HCG level (by blood test). I don't know, maybe I'm the only one who does that, but just in case I figured I'd share a picture.

I had my HCG tested today (currently testing it out after a loss). I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to have some fun with some wondfo HPT strips. So, I diluted my sample to 1/2, 1/3, and 1/5 strength. Here are the wondfo HPTs showing HCG levels of 117 (undiluted), and approximately 58, 39, and 23.

I'm impressed that it really does seem to test positive around 20-25 (I think that's what they advertise).

so, as requested, I tested to see how low I could go. Here's a photo (NOTE: taken well after 5 min limit since I took them at different times)

because photos don't show as well as in person, I'll say that I can see lines very easily down to 17. 12 was super faint at 5 min but as I waited it got darker and very obviously pink. 9 looked like an evap at 5 min but as I waited because a pink squinter. 5 I'll call a frustrating evap. it would leave me squinting for a long time, but there's no way to get a pic of it and I can't tell the color. So... I say either they can test positive between 5 and 10, I got a very sensitive batch, or my level is higher than the blood test showed.

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Can you dilute it below 20 and see how low the internet cheapies show?

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I'll try a 1/7 dilution, which would give approximately 17. I'll KUP. Smile

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Thanks for posting these! Really neat to see!

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What a way to make something sad into something positive. :bighug: Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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Okay, picture coming soon... I did a 1/7 dilution (around 17). Faint line. So I did a 1/10 dilution (just under 12). Fainter line. So I did a 1/13 dilution (hcg of 9) and there's still a super faint line. I'm toying with the idea of doing a 1/23 dilution (around 5) but I only have a few tests left (I have more in the mail, of course...)

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Yeah that is totally cool and I'm sure very much appreciated by many of us! :bighug:

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I did some similar POAS while testing out my recent loss. I intended to take photos and share my experience, but the annoance of photobucket usage, made me put it off, and I finally just threw our my tests (sorry ladies).

I didn't dilute my samples, but did test through a number of betas and found the following:

My test when my beta was 7700+ and the test when my beta was 630 - looked virtually identical.

The tests I used were said to pick up levels of 25 and up. I tested when my level was 85, just above 25, and again when my levels were about 12-15. The 85 gave a line lighter then I expected - but definate line, not a squinter.
The line at 25 was only a little but lighter then the line at 85.
And there was a definate line, (a DYSAL kind of line, but definately visible without having to adjust the lighting or the angle of the test) at 12-15, when I thought there would be nothing at all.

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That's crazy how low they go!! Makes me wonder why I waste money on FRERs? Thinking back I'm sure with baby #5 FRER gave me a slightly darker line than an IC at 9 dpo but they were both squinters.

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I will try to remember to come back and post my last wondo I took when testing out my last m/c. My level was a 4.9 by bw taken at 12:30 pm. I POAS that evening at 6pm when my Dr called with the results and you can totally see my line.