HCG Progression with AIM & Follow-up

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HCG Progression with AIM & Follow-up

Okay - I have been testing my HCG everyday since 5DPO to test my shot out of my system. Today, 12DPO, I saw a very faint line and my DH confirmed....so I ran to the drug store and got some early results tests. I took 2 because I didn't believe it....you guys see this too right?

Early Results tests:

AIM Progression, not so clear:

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The photo is very small, but I'm pretty sure I see a line! Congrats!

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I definitely see it! Congratulations!

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I don't see it in the progression, but I see it on the FRER!! Yay! Congrats!

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Even though the line is small I can see a nice pink line!! Congrats!!!!:yahoo:

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That first FRER is clear as a bell! So excited for you Danny!!!!!


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I see it too! I wish the pic was a bit bigger but I definitely see it on the top FRER. Congrats!

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See it too my lovely!!

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I do see it - congrats!!!!

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How was your Beta on Monday or did I miss a post somewhere?

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I can see it on the FRER! Congrats!

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