hello i just need help with a period after labor plz
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Thread: hello i just need help with a period after labor plz

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    Wink hello i just need help with a period after labor plz

    12 weeks after labor and no period i just wonder could i be pregnant sometimes i have a discharge like pink egg white discharge some period cramps so i think my af is coming but nothing. i did a hpt a week after intercourse but was negative could i be pregnant eveng with out my first period after labor??
    thanks ladys!!

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    Take another! You can get pregnant without having a period after labor! It happened to me, I only had the after birth bleeding and no period and I got pregnant!


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    You can get pregnant before AF shows... But I also had tons of pregnancy symptoms even when I knew I couldn't be pregnant. DH has been going through severe health issues and we hadn't dtd but I seriously felt totally pregnant on a few different occasions...

    So it could go either way... GL and keep us posted!
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    I agree with PP's...it's possible. But it's also possible you aren't preggers and just haven't started cycling again yet. I too had times post partum I would have swore I was pregnant due to all the symptoms I was having, but I wasn't. I had nausea on and off until like 4 months after having my last baby. It can take a while for all the hormones to settle and your body to get back to feeling normal.

    Oh and if you are breastfeeding you may not see your period for a long while.
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    Well, there's a few things that come to mind. #1- I spotted for a longggggggggggggg time after having the baby, I believe even a little after the 12 weeks. It just takes a while to stop. #2- Are you nursing? If so, your period can be delayed for MANY months. My daughter is almost 11 months and I haven't had a period yet!

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