Help needed following blue dye testing
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Thread: Help needed following blue dye testing

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    Ok I've been having pregnancy symptoms for the past 3wks to a month maybe a lil longer. I've been extra sleepy, going to the bathroom several times a day, nausea, tender breast, cramps, etc. I bought a pregnancy test yesterday and a faint positive line showed up. I've been reading the blogs and I think I already know the answer to my situation lol. I do plan on scheduling an appt. with a doc to get some confirmation. I , just like several of you, feel like if the test isn't accurate they should definitely get rid of them. Its very hurtful to the women who want to get pregnant to get a false result like the blue dye test gives. I never knew anything about the results of these blue dye tests until looking them up today.

    I have an image of the test. One test , two images. I just dont know how to load the picture.

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    Hi & welcome to! I have copied your post over from our "Keepers" forum to enable you to get more responses. That forum was our "Keepers" board where some of our older threads are stored for safekeeping.

    There are two ways you can upload your images:

    1)Create a free account at Photobucket, Snapfish, Flickr, or someplace similar. Upload the image(s) you wish, then grab the codes and paste them within a post.

    2)You may be able to upload them within your own album onsite. Follow these instructions from our Welcome / Help Center:
    What are "albums"? How do I set one up?

    If I can be of further assistance, just let me know!

    ~Missy (

    P.S. I'm posting these instructions on both boards in hopes they will help!

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    Sorry for your frustrations. I hope it gets straightened out soon! Good luck
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    Once you post a pic, we can take a gander for you. In the meantime though, I would say go get yourself a pink dye test. Good luck!
    -Alissa, mom to Tristan (5) and Reid (the baby!)

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