Here it is...

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Here it is...

I think I'm about 12 DPO, although FF had ovulation a few days later until I overrode it. I never got a positive OPK this cycle and my temps are confusing.

It came up within the 3 minute time frame and got a little darker and easier to see in the next few minutes. It's still really hard to see though! And is the line in the right place?

It's a FRER, and I already checked the box....doesn't expire until 2013.:)

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I definitely see it!! Congrats!!!

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oh yeah, that's a BFP! Congrats!!

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That is a really nice line for 12 dpo! Congrats!!! Yahoo

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You are so pregnant! Congrats!

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Definitely a BFP!! That's how mine looked at 10 DPO. Congrats!!! Biggrin

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That is definitely 2 lines - congrats!

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Nice! Congrats!

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Eek! So excited for you!!! Smile

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That's how mine looked at 10dpo! Congratulations!!! Biggrin

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Yay! Congrats! I'm so glad you caught it even with FF being all weird on you! HH9Ms!

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OOh yeah that's a positive. Wait a couple of days and it will be darker. Congrats!!!:yahoo:

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Thanks all!

I am cautiously hoping this is really a positive, and a viable one. I had an early m/c in May and this is the first inkling of a BFP I've had since then.

I went in to the doctor this AM because they keep harping on my risk of ectopic and want to run numbers etc. really early.

Interestingly, their urine test came up NEGATIVE. But the doctor said it just might not be sensitive, (or it might be another early miscarriage). But any early pregnancy can seem like that, right! Who knows what brand test they are using.

He also ordered bloodwork. So I should know what those numbers are by later this afternoon.

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It's totally there - congrats!!!