Hook effect - Calling all pregnant ladies!

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Hook effect - Calling all pregnant ladies!

I've heard that the further along after about 6 weeks you are, the more likely you are to get a negative pregnancy test or at least a lighter line due to different forms of hcg produced at different times in the pregnancy. I know that I've seen a lot of perfectly pregnant ladies freak themselves out because they've tested after about 5-6 weeks and the test lines weren't as dark as they had expected. So, since I am about 12 weeks and feeling like I've got this whole "Actually having this baby" thing nailed down, I decided to test and see what happened.


As you can see, while my lines are nothing to squint at, my control line is definitely darker than my test line.

When I was about 6 weeks along, I took an OPK to show off for Liz (same brand, although again, just an OPK) and the test line was waaaaaay darker than the control line. (see picture below)

About 6 weeks:

That makes me think that there is something to this whole "hook effect" thing.

So, in the name of science and reassuring your fellow pregnant ladies, I am hoping that other pregnant gals (any over about 6 weeks) will also take tests and post them here, so we can see if your test lines are lighter or darker than your control lines.

Please don't test on my account if it's going to freak you out to see a lighter test line. Biggrin I don't want to send anybody into a panic! Biggrin Only test for me if you are confident that baby is fine. Biggrin

Thanks ladies! Hoping to see lots of examples of post 6 week tests for comparison purposes!

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I posted the exact topic around 8 weeks or so. My test line had been much darker than my control line. I had some bleeding so I kept testing. I got worried. Tara I think from my birth board posted a test and her test line was still much darker than her control line. So I bought a different brand of hpts. My test line got darker than my control line - sometimes. Basically, I couldn't prove the hook effect true or false. I've heard of some women never testing positive. A girl I worked with one time swore she was pregnant and had missed two periods. She kept getting negative tests, but swore it lol. She got a beta done and sure enough she was pregnant. I've heard of some women who were pregnant, thought they might be due to missing so many periods but the tests remained negative. They believed those negative tests despite all of their physical symptoms and didn't go to the dr either and late in the pregnancy they figured out they were pregnant. I just can't see something like that happening to me. I'd be getting a blood test on like 15 dpo !! Smile Anyway, I guess it happens.

ETA: unfortunately....or fortunately I threw like 100 tests away that I took because I was totally in shock (because I don't have prior pregnancies or anything lol) that I was pregnant and kinda freaked out for a few weeks. I wasn't that ready so fast. So, I took test after testing hoping they were evap lines. Then I had bleeding so I kept testing to see if the lines are staying dark etc. thinking I might m/c. So, two weeks ago, yesssss 2 weeks ago like at 14 weeks pregnant I threw them ALL away. I'm just so batty when I'm pregnant. I really couldn't wrap my head around having 5 kids so fast. Smile

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I'm still trying to see if the hook effect really happens.

Here is a test from today (15w6d) It is definitely lighter than the 11w pic, and waaaayyyy lighter than the 6w pic

I still invite any preggos who are farther along in their pregnancies than 6 weeks to post pics so we can see if we can find proof that the hook effect happens.

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Oh man just saw this post. This was so happening to me! I just mailed out the rest of my hpts. Probably for the best Wink But I should have taken a photo of one of these.

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Interesting topic....I just ran across this while browsing pg.org. I may go pick up a cheap test to see what happens. I have pics of my 10 and 11 dpo tests to compare. I'm 35 weeks, so I think that qualifies as far enough along to know that baby is okay! Wink

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Haha, yes, I think that qualifies! Can't wait to see your test results!