I lose...

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I lose...

For being THE most impatient!!!! I SUCK!

But, I win, because.....

First I got this:


And then I got this:


And then I got this!!!!


The silliest part is that I had DD hand the digi to DH while he was still in bed, and he looked at it and was like, "Well, what is this? What does this mean? Is this a water treatment plan? Clearblue?" And I'm like, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, WHAT DOES IT MEAN????? IT SAYS ***PREGNANT***!!!!!!"

And then he goes, "Oh, well I can't read that part." The man needs glasses. Geez!

So now.... PLEASE send lots and lots and lots of sticky vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome!!! Congratulations!! Smile

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Yahoo :wootjump: I had my fingers and toes crossed that you were out of the running yet!! Congrats!!!!

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Congratulations!! That is awesome news!

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I'll say it here too...CONGRATS Mara!! Very happy for you!! Smile HH9M!!

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YAY!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Sending many sticky vibes your way!!!!

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Congrats!!!! Loads of sticky vibes to you!

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Thanks ladies!!!! And thanks for all the sticky vibes....I have to say, after last month (chem pregnancy) I feel way more nervous about getting through these first weeks. BUT, these BFPs feel way different than last month's did. So, hopefully that is a good sign!!! I appreciate all the sticky vibes though!

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Fantastic news!!!

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Congrats! That's really exciting news!

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Yahoo Congrats!!! Yahoo I'm sending you tons of sticky vibes!!!

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Congrats on your BFP's!!! Tons of sticky vibes to you Smile

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Fab! congrats!!

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SOOOO many congrats!!!!!

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Congrats!! What a funny story about your DH! That reminds me of when we told our family. We gave them a framed photo of DH and I holding up the pregnancy test. Then I made it look cute with scrapbook stuff and I put "we're" and then the test said pregnant. It was one of those clearblues and when we gave it to my dad he goes "We're Clearblue?". He didn't know what a pregnancy test even looked like. So they should change the design of their product so that it doesn't ruin our big moments!! Smile

Sending tons of sticky vibes your way!! Smile

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Congratulations!!!! Yahoo And what a funny story about your DH's reaction! Love it Smile

PS: Caitlin ~ loved your story, too! So funny! Biggrin

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Congratulations! What wonderful news to wake up to this morning!

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Congrats! Lots of stickiness coming your way!

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Woo hoo!!!! You are just so funny silly lady!!! See? You knew it all along!!

Congrats!!!! HH9M (and I'll be stalking you!!!)

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i have been following your story for a while now i'm so happy 4 u hh9m to u and im praying 4 u & sending lots of stickey vibes your way stick little bean stick & congrats again Smile

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Congrats and HH9M!!!