I must confess.....

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I must confess.....

I AM ADDICTED TO POS LOL I started TTC almost two months ago well not really using any protection but not truly trying but now that I have found OPK's IM addicted I want to POS all the time my hubby thinks Im crazy came home from the store with 6 a couple nights ago and I find myself making excuses to go to the store so I can buy more.... We have one son he is going to be 12 in December and we always talked about having another but never really decided until a few months ago we decided we want at least one more and were not getting any younger. SO Nice to see there are others that like to POS like me ..

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It's cheaper for the OPKs if you buy the internet cheapies. I got 40 OPKS and 10 HCGs for 12 dollars

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Hi Renee! Yay, always nice to meet a POAS addict! Biggrin Good luck on your TTC journey, and can't wait to see a big blazing BFP for you. Smile I agree with MJ, if you look online you should be able to find some good deals on OPKs and hpts. Good luck!

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I agree, the ones online are cheaper (try wondfo off Amazon). I had no idea what an addict I'd end up being, either. It's just so rewarding to see that line appear (on an OPK or, especially, a HPT).