I'm guessing this is a negative

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I'm guessing this is a negative

I thought af was supposed to show last Monday. She's still absent. Based on the latest possible ovulation, I could be 13dpo. This was mid day urin (2 hour hold) FRER.
I think I see something, but I don't. When I took it appart, I did see a pink dot on the edge where the test line should be (top part only).


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Any way you can get a clearer picture? It's too blury for me to really tell if I see something. GL

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I think I might kind of see a partial line at the top. Try fmu. Good luck!

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I agree with Liz. Can you try for a clearer shot? It is so hard to get clear pictures of the tests in the early days. Good luck though!

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It is kind of blurry. Did you take another picture or another test?

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I think I see a faint line. Agree with others, better pic please Smile