I'm really not sure where to put this thread.....
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Thread: I'm really not sure where to put this thread.....

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    Default I'm really not sure where to put this thread.....

    I'm usually fairly regular, within two or three days. I had unprotected sex (well, pull-out-method.....) about four days after I should have ovulated, but with my body, that could easily have been a day or two post-ovulation. I went for my first female check-up (and to get on the BCP) about a week after sex, and then had sex again the day before my period was supposed to start and then three days after it was supposed to start, all using the pull-out method since I can't start the new birth control yet. I know pull-out isn't effective, so I'm scared. I'm now between 6 and 10 days late, because my cycle varies so. I took a pregnancy test yesterday, and it was negative. I'm wondering if the trauma to my cervix from the dr visit or the sex (He's been out of town, so it was pretty rough sex) could have caused a late period? My fiance' and I are both 26, and really not ready for kids. We've used the pull-out method for two years with no problems... but i know how dangerous it is. It won't happen again, trust me.

    I also traveled home from Europe a few days prior to suspected ovulation. Could this affect anything?

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    Any type of stress could cause your period to be late. Also traveling can cause messed up periods. I would wait a few more days and take another test. If it doesn't come in about 2 weeks, then I would contact your doctor and do a blood test

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