implantation ??

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implantation ??

I posted this question on the third of february.. "ok my boyfriend and i had sex and i thought i might be ovulating, after the fact i took an ovulation test, the second line was darker than the top line which indicated a surge.. i really want a baby. its been five days since the deed.. and i wasnt really thinking much of it when before i was going to take a shower today i noticed my breasts were tender and i have little white bumps all around the outside of my nipples.. Montgomery's glands i think? and then i started to think about all the other feelings ive been having, my discharge is rather thick resembles lotion, but not much of it and it smells sweet which it usually doesnt have a smell.. i have this incredible head ache and pain in my lower sides of my stomach, which i played it off because ive been working out and thought it might just be from that.. is there any other ladies that have experienced very very early signs of pregnancy? thank you! God bless and baby dust.."

well i might have gotten my DPO off a bit.. we had sex on the 30th of january and i had my lh surge the same day so ovulation could have happened up to 48 hours from then.. (so confusing.. ugh..)
so that means today im actually around 8 to 9 days DPO now..
so im still having the same symptoms
this is what ive noticed
1/30/13 made love, lh surge on ov test..
2/1 lotion cm, throat scratchy, sticky red right eye
2/2 bad sore throat, fever 102, sick body aches, calves hurt
2/3 noticed white bumps on breasts, still sick fever broke, not as achy today, sad and weepy..
2/4 lower belly feels crampy and tuggy, mainly on right.. tired today.. worked out twenty minutes, hungry.. lotion cm, bad dreams..
2/5 didn?t sleep good, eyes watery and red, still sick coughing.. woke up at 6 am very nauseous lower belly feels weird and sensitive.. twinges on right side and pain comes and goes.. went to the dr for cold meds.. I feel positive for a couple minutes.. laughed and pains went through my left breast.. vagina felt swollen and sensitive when I was checking it.. nipples tender to the touch.. feel sleepy at 7 42 pm.. gassy.. very flushed and hot face..
2/6 bad dreams last night didn?t sleep good.. feeling positive today.. really good actually.. sticky white lotion cm.. was very hungry and ate then felt like throwing up and then twenty minutes later felt starving.. threw up in my mouth a little..
2/7 watery cm, still sick, dizzy drunk feeling.. dream I took a pg test and it had too lines..
2/8 watery cm, still sick, dizzy drunk feeling.. tired and my tummy hurts down low like af cramps and pain..
2/9 weird dreams and horrible cramps in the a.m. legs crampy.. lower back hurts.. tummy hurts.. head hurts.. went to the bathroom and felt a large amount of yellowish cm come out.. armpits hurt.. grumpy..
2/10 constipated, tired, coughing, neg pg test.. sad and emotional.. vagina feels swollen..

and just today ive noticed very prominent af cramps.. strong ones and then theyll go away.. and come back.. took a pg test and it was neg.. Sad but its too early to tell right?
the pains on low and mostly on the right but switch to mild to strong.. also my vagina feels swollen when i insert my finger, thats the best way i can describe it..

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It could just be too early. Give it a couple more days and test again.

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I agree its still too early to call either way. Try to wait two days and test again with FMU. GL!!!

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So...any updates? I bet you would probably get a BFP by now if you O'ed around the 30th....