A line?

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A line?

Hi Ladies,

Ive been lurking here for awhile and today decided to join.

This picture shows the test i took a few mins ago. At first it looks BFN but if i squint i can sort of see something, but then it disappears. Can you see anything?


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Sorry Sad I don't see anything. Maybe on the next one...


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I think I see something! Test again and be sure to come back and update us.

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I think I may see something but it's so light I could be imagining it. Definitely think you need to retest soon and KUP. :goodluck:

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I think I see something as well but not sure if there is color or not. Try again because after all..who just uses ONE stick! I just took another one this morning!

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I sort of feel like I see something too. Test again!

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I'm thinking I see something there and typically that isn't the case with FRER's - hoping to see a darker BFP tomorrow!

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I'm late to the party on this one....but I do think that I see something. Did you ever test again?