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Line question

My lines got so dark that they became darker than the control line so I think that's great. I tested again today because for the past couple of days I've been having bad cramps and some spotting, not a lot of blood but it got red for a few hours yesterday. So this morning I tested again to see if my lines were getting lighter. The test line still showed up right away and is dark but it's lighter than the control line.

Has anyone had this happen? I'm about 7 weeks.

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From all that I have read HPTs are only to be used as a means to confirm or deny pregnancy. And they cant really even be counted on to do that w/ absolute accuracy. We may try to use them as indicators of rising hCG but that's not what they are designed to do. Yes a test line that steals dye from the control line is a good sign but it doesnt neccessarily mean your levels are doubling every 48 hrs just as a lighter line than the control doesnt indicate that your levels arent rising as they should. Practically speaking I would worry too if I had spotting and cramping (and I have btdt several times and still had a healthy baby) it's scary even though both of those are common in early pg. An u/s is really the only way to reassure you things are fine with your little bean. Most drs will give you one for spotting of course it is a Sunday so if you dont want to wait head to the ER and they can give you a scan. GL and HH9M!

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With bad cramps and spotting I would either go to the ER tonight or put yourself on pelvic/bed rest and go to the doctor first thing in the AM. I would not worry about the change in test.

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I'm sorry this is happening to you! any update?

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Definitely go the ER or your doctor if this is continuing to make sure everything is ok