Look what I got this morning...

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Look what I got this morning...

This is our first month TTC #2 and I was absolutely sure it would take a while. Only a few days after O I woke up feeling crappy - just like with my last pregnancy: dizzy, exhausted, tired, run down. I told DH I was pretty sure I was pregnant but surprised I could feel it so early. I've been testing with dollar store tests since 7 DPO and got two negatives, then very faint positives on 9 and 10 DPO. I'm 11 DPO today and used my FRER to get this...

 photo image_zps69fc4099.jpg

I'm spotting a bit like I usually do before AF comes so we will see where this leads. I did with my last pregnancy too and it turned out fine so I'm hoping it will this time too. Biggrin

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YAY Elle!!!! Congrats!

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Yay! It's funny when you convince yourself it will take longer 2nd time around and then this happens. So happy for you Smile

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