Look what I got today!!

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Look what I got today!!

This is 11 dpo w/ saved FMU. Really super hoping and praying this one sticks!! So happy and so scared! Femara rocks btw I did 3 mos on clomid after the last m/c in Dec. and nada. One month of Femara and this!! Prayers and sticky vibes please!!!

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Have to post here too! Yayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo

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Congratulations Smile

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Congratulations! Yahoo
sending tons of sticky vibes.

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Congratulations and best wishes for a HH9M's! Smile

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Congratulations!!! Smile

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Congrats! I'm Meghan, my hubby and I are TTC. I was curious b/c this is my first...so I was curious how soon after you can use a preg test and it work?

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Congrats!!! HH9M!! Yahoo

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Omg!!! I'm totally behind!! Just saw this! Congrats friend!! Sending you tons of healthy sticky vibes!! Smile Woot Woot!!

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Thanks girlies!!

Meghan I was 11 dpo (11 days past ovulation) when I got this positive. I'm sure by how dark it was that I could have gotten a faint line at 9 dpo. I was just in denial of my symptoms and afraid to hope that i
could possibly be pg. It also depends on when you test FMU or first morning urine is the best usually. THe sensitivity of the text matters too this was a First Response Early Result or FRER they are pretty sensitive.

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Congrats and HH9ms to you!! :bigarmhug:

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