Maybe 10 dpo UPDATE

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Maybe 10 dpo UPDATE

update: progression pic

I don't want to get myself too excited, I want to see it get darker the next few days

Do you see it?

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I totally see it!!!

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Dannyyyy i seee ittttttttttttt!!!!!

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No squinting for me!! Congrats!!!

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I see it!!! How exciting!!! Congrats!!!!

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Squeee! Congratulations Danielle! I'm so happy for you! :yahoo::yahoo:

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Congrats!!! Don't worry about the intensity. Not everyone sees a nice progression. Trust me.

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Seriously, that is a bonafide BFP! Congrats!

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Yea!!! So happy for you!!!

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I sees it!!!! :bounce8: :band: :woohoo: :thewave:

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YAY!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

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I see it to! I know its hard to get excited...hope this one sticks for you!

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Today's is still there, I will post when I can get a pic Smile

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Wow that is a beautiful second line. Makes me think mine is an evap!

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I can definitely see it! Congrats!!

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Whoop!!!! Congrats!!!! That us gorgeous for how early it is!!!
Very happy fir you xxxxx

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I see it! Congrats! Hoping for a super sticky bean!

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Def getting darker! Do you go get your beta taken?

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Kat beta is Tuesday am

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Beautiful! Stick, bean, stick! Yahoo

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Soooooo excited for you, Danny! Congrats!!!

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Congratulations!!! Beautiful lines!! Smile

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Beautiful bfp!! Congratulations!!!

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Congrats! It's definitely there and really obvious. HH9M!